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2020 Gifts for Guys Guide

By on December 4, 2020

As if shopping for men isn’t already hard enough, welcome to Holiday Season 2020. Are you ready for Christmas shopping COVID-style? For many people, this year means finding gifts online that guys will appreciate. Fortunately, Scepter has the answer: a variety of always-useful and always-appreciated Scepter fuel and water containers.

Ideal for men pursuing outdoor sports, boating and camping, Scepter containers come in a range of sizes. The containers can be purchased online at major retailers including Amazon®, Wal-Mart®, The Home Depot® and Lowes®.

“Durable fuel and water containers make a great ‘guy gift’ for the holiday season,” says Daniel Marshall, vice president of marketing and business development with ScepterTM. “Rugged and easy-to-use, these containers are designed for fast fills without spills, which any man in your family will truly appreciate!”

Water Containers

Whether off-roading or RVing, the Scepter Military Water Container (MWC) is an essential piece of equipment for the outdoorsman in your family. The five-gallon (20 Litre) container is made of BPA-free construction and is easy to transport.

The preferred water container of military around the world, the Scepter MWC is virtually indestructible. The containers are standard issue for U.S. and Canadian forces, and have been used by U.N. and NATO allies for more than 30 years. Superior impact resistancy means the container can stand up to all the bumps and jostling along the way.

Generally priced at under $40, the rust- and corrosion-proof water container can also be used at home during power outages and emergency situations.

Big Fueling Capacity

For fueling up large pieces of equipment, snowmobiles or boats, the rugged Scepter™ Duramax rolling fuel container is what guys will want to find under the tree this Christmas. With a capacity for 14-gallons, this unit can safely fuel up gas-powered tools, generators, tractors and jet skis.

The patented pump handle on the Duramax includes a spill-proof shut-off. The unit has a flow rate of two gallons of fuel per minute when in the siphon mode. Sturdy six-inch wheels help easily transport the container to marine dock areas, campsites, farms and work locations.

Usually priced around $140, Duramax has a bolt-on hanger for convenient hose storage. The ergonomically-designed, heavy-duty top handle on the container features extra deep handholds for transport. And, molded-in feet keep the container off the floor for increased ventilation and stability.

Why a Fuel Container?

Not always a top-of-mind holiday gift, a fuel container gets regular use all year long. During storms and emergencies, stored fuel is needed to power generators, chain saws and lighting. When enjoying outdoor sports, fuel is needed for ATVs, snow mobiles and boats. And, one of the largest uses for fuel containers comes from fueling up lawn equipment. Everything from lawn mowers to leaf blowers to weed trimmers need fuel.

This holiday season, the Scepter SmartControl fuel container is a gift truly appreciated by men. Starting at about $15, the state-of-the-art fuel container feature a user-control flow valve. This unique spout provides a clean, hassle free pour and helps save fuel for where it’s needed by eliminating messy spills.

With a single motion, the user simply presses the lever up to unlock the child safety feature with the palm of the hand, and then squeezes the large button. This first squeeze is done when upright to vent the container. Then, place the nozzle over the tank and simply squeeze again to pour just the right amount of fuel.

Rugged Scepter containers are Made in North America of safe high-density polyethylene.  The units are designed to substantially exceed ASTM and CPSC minimum standards.

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