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10 Things To Do Before You Go On Vacation

By on June 30, 2014

Unknown-1If you are off for that dream vacation, make sure your home does not become a statistic with these few simple tips:

1. Hold All of Your Mail and Newspapers or Ask a Neighbor to Pick Them Up: A pile of newspapers on the front porch is an invitation to burglars that you’re out of town .

2. Remove Your Spare Key:Leaving an extra key under the doormat or in a fake rock isn’t a great idea while you’re on vacation. If you have a spare key, give it to a neighbor you trust while you’re away.

3. Close Your Curtains and Shades: You don’t want people to peer into your house and see that it’s empty today. The plus of keeping your curtains and shades drawn is  the money you will save on your energy bills by keeping the sun out!

4. Turn Off Your Hot Water Heater: The water heater will cost you money while you’re gone. So turn it off! To learn more about your hot water heater

5. Clean Out Your Fridge: Leaving unused parishables in your refrigerator is not a pretty sight when you do return home unless you are into science experiments!

6. Sprinkle Baking Soda or Baby Oil in the Toilet to avoid being greeted by the nasty stench of stagnant water when you get home, sprinkle baking soda or a few drops of baby oil in the toilet bowl. This also works with sink drains.

7. Unplug Your Appliances, There’s no need to waste energy on computers, televisions and other unused appliances while you’re gone. You may be surprised at how much you save on energy bill!

8. Take Out the Garbage both wet and dry: garbage will not only invite critters into your home, but the smell will be unbelieveable!

9. Empty Your Washer, wet laundry will attract mildew and mold if left in the washing machine. Before you go, make sure that your machine is clear and your clothes are dry. Also, it’s a good idea to turn off the water to the washer, too, so that if it leaks, you won’t have a flooded laundry room.

10. Adjust Your Thermostat: Save more energy and money by setting your thermostat town or off while your gone. No need to heat or cool an empty home! Be sure to have fresh batteries in your thermostat as well.



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