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10 Ideas From Popular New Laundry Rooms

By on April 9, 2017

Doing laundry can be boring, mundane and a little stressful. So if there’s a way to make the room in which you do your washing and folding a little more pleasurable, wouldn’t you go for it? Here are 10 ideas from the most popular laundry room photos designers added to Houzz so far year, as measured by the number of people who saved them to their ideabooks from January through March.

  1. Being bold with refreshing paint colors like Santa Monica Blue.
  2. Having windows or a Dutch door to let in breezes is great for ventilation.
  3. Add character to your laundry room by bringing in something old, like a vintage sink.
  4. Have fun. Use color, patterns, accessories, or like – a playground structure.
  5. Details like patterned floor tile, a yard view or a really large sink can add to a distinctive look.
  6. Don’t forget Max. Laundry rooms are a great place for pet-friendly features.
  7. Think multi-use. With a large space, the laundry room can be used for crafts, workstations, and more.
  8. Retractable rods in a draw is a great place to have extra hanging places.
  9. Even a small space can be utilized for a variety of things like folding, shelving, and sorting .
  10. The line of site isn’t the only place you can use. Look up and work your way vertically, achieving full use of the space you have.
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