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Cool Tool & Product Review: YARDMAX Power Wheelbarrow

By on June 30, 2017

YARDMAX Power Wheelbarrow

When my excited and enthusiastic brother James delivered a new bright-orange Yardmax® Power Wheelbarrow to our job site, I just didn’t have the heart to tell him that I thought it was a major waste of money. I thought to myself, “I can do it faster and easier with a good old fashioned conventional wheelbarrow.”

In fact, we were digging a footing for a foundation and we had to move about 7 yards of dirt. One of the crewmen asked, “Why don’t you pull out that powered wheelbarrow?” I told him that my old fashioned wheelbarrow was faster and easier.

A few days passed and we had to remove a giant concrete landing, a 1,000 square foot brick patio and a one-car garage foundation. The clumps of concrete each weighed 20 pounds or more and the thousands of bricks had to be stored in a shed 50 yards away over a soft dirt path. Again, a workman said, “Let’s try that gas operated job.” I finally realized that the little orange bucket with the motor on the back might just be the answer for getting these two particular jobs done with less effort. I knew that carrying those boulders to the dump trailer, 40-feet away, wasn’t going to be easy. We took out the power wheelbarrow, fired it up and took a few empty practice runs. It was difficult for about a-minute-and-a-half and then everything felt natural and easy. Moments later there I was, rolling up the ramp into the dump trailer with a 300-pound load. Glory be! It worked. Now, anytime there is something to move on the job site we immediately pull out the Yardmax Power Wheelbarrow.

OK, call me a Doubting Thomas. or you can call me old-fashioned, but it just takes an old-school guy a little longer to catch on. Truth be told, we now use our Power Wheelbarrow for absolutely all of our job site hauling tasks.

If you go to the Yardmax website, here’s what you’ll read about their power wheelbarrow: It has full time, self-propelled all-wheel drive. It’s true – I can jump a curb with a full load – no sweat. They say it turns on a dime. I say they’re wrong. It turns on the head of a pin. It comes with 3 forward speeds and reverse. Did you ever try walking backwards through soft, uneven dirt with a 300-pound load in a conventional wheelbarrow? With a conventional wheelbarrow – YOU are reverse. As far as speed is concerned, I usually stay in first. Plenty fast for me. On the other hand, my grandson runs in second and third all day long, and, as I watch him, it looks as though the unit is an extension of his arms. Amazing!

Today we say, “How did we ever get along without computers and cell phones?” Tomorrow we’ll say, “How did we ever get along without Yardmax?”


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