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Safety, Comfort, and Independence with American Standard Walk-In Tubs

American Standard walk-in baths provide in-home bathing options that can lead to feeling more independent and confident of your safety in your bathtub.

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Your Dream Bathroom Episodes

Funny Ceilings, Serious Solutions [Episode 17]

Utilizing all the space you have can be difficult if that space is unconventional. Don’t let a sloping ceiling or a not-so-square wall keep you from your dream bathroom! The Carey Brothers and Cameron discuss ways to make a shower door conform to your small, strange...

The Wonder of a Window [Episode 13]

Marilyn’s small bathroom needs light AND privacy. But how does one take a plain window and turn it into a window of wonder and maintain privacy? The Carey Brothers and Cameron delve deep into this design dilemma! -presented by American Standard Walk-in Tubs

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